Rasheeda and Nathaniel L., and their 6 children were in a tight financial strain and were close to having utilities disconnected at the home.   Not on DMP’s watch…

They are a hard-working couple, Rasheeda works full time, and Nathaniel is in school to further his education.  They that fell on hard times financially after moving from their apartment to take care of Nathaniel’s elderly mom during back surgery, along with his own back issues that he deals with.   They needed utilities to not be cut off at the home and school supplies for the children at school.

The children are Tyla Crosby 11 yrs, Tyeise Crosby 10 yrs, Tyniah Crosby, 8 yrs, Tylaiah Crosby 6 yrs, Tyrese Crosby 5 yrs, and Tyannha Crosby 3 yrs..

DMP Steps in to cover utility bills and school supplies.