Stephanie and her son, Ka’Mari, a 4th grader, have not been able to move into her own place and are living doubled up in someone else’s home. She believes this is greatly affecting her son.

Even by working 3 part-time/contract jobs, Ms. Jones is not able to move into a new apartment as she can not afford a deposit and first month’s rent at the same time.  Ms. Jones is the epitome of a hard working middle class citizen, thus meaning she does not qualify for assistance programs within the community.   

She finally found a reduced-price option, but can not afford the $1500 down payment. Any financial assistance would go toward making this initial payment, as Ms. Jones is able to afford monthly rent from that point forward.


Here is the information requested for Ms. S. Jones. She went to the apartment complex this weekend and was able to get a breakdown of expenses. Her son, Ka’Mari, is a 4th grade student at Governor’s Village STEM Academy. He is bright student who earns mostly A’s and B’s. Kamari enjoys playing with friends and says that his favorite subject is math. Unfortunately, the current living situation has caused Kamari to struggle socially. He cannot have friends over for playdates and has had issues with self-esteem.

Stephanie is a hard worker who is currently studying for her GED to improve her employment opportunities and be a role model for her children. After earning her GED, she plans to go on to college. Having this need taken care of would greatly reduce her stress over her children’s safety and her finances so that she could focus her full attention on her GED studies.

She is a single mother of 4, working full time and getting her GED through Children of the Knight (the organization that referred her). She lives in Mint Hill, NC. Stephanie was not able to get to work or get her children to school the past week. They are limited on groceries and have to use the local church pantry. She is asking that we help her fix the alternator belt. She purchased one from a handy man and had it installed at her house, the belt has come off the alternator again. She has an auto shop (Perrys auto body shop) about 5 minutes from her house. She would need a tow truck to get it there. And transportation to and from auto body shop. Info on kids, her oldest is at NE Middle in Mint Hill, she has twin girls at Lebanon elementary school and a preschooler at Goddard in Matthews, NC. This project approval would help secure transportation for the children to get to school, appointment, get their groceries and for general transportation\well being.