Hi, We're DMP.

Doing My Part™ (DMP) is a bold idea that is bringing people together to conquer obstacles that face children - small and large. Because we know they are the future.

1. We Receive Local, Urgent "Needs"

Local nonprofit partners and the general public submit specific, urgent needs in the community for local children and families.                                                                                                   

2. Join as a Member

Give as little as $9 per month automatically. 100% of member donations go directly to fulfilling the LIVE needs on the website at any given time. The more DMP members, the bigger the impact we make, every month.

3. We Fulfill The Need.

Some needs are $20 dollars, and some are $1000 or more, all needs are considered important and fully vetted for legitimacy. After fulfilling the need, we send real-time updates to all our members so you see how you are changing lives with DMP!

Our Partners and Supporters

Doing My Part™ began in 2011 as a grassroots nonprofit in Charlotte North Carolina to give people a way to help other people..

Through our team's hard work, our small grassroots effort between friends and family evolved from a duct-tape non-profit, into a movement ofindividualsthat built a foundationthat supports the most vulnerable children today and lift up our youth in tremendous ways.

DMP is here to break the mold and destroy the worn-out narrative that we are divided, helpless and at the mercy of others to what happens in the future. To bring light to the fact that any individual, any race, young or old, man or woman can be the difference the world needs.

In our decisions, we can turn our own light on, and be a part of building the future... by deciding to take a small action that gives children opportunities they need, deserve and we intend to help cultivate and ignite God's purpose for their life.

We shed light on children and their families that need the most healing in our communities, today.... but not just show another sad story

DoingMy Part™, Inc. is (DMP) is focused on sustainability and scaling impact - like a startup would scale a business.

Doing My Part™, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation raising funds via crowdsourcing monthly micro-donations, 100% goes to REAL-TIME, urgent needs for children and families. 

Because when you join DMP, you are the solution.

Our hope is to give you a fun new way to do your part, but make a serious impact on the lives of others by coming together with other likeminded people.

We present new ideas, and concepts that will create a better life for those kids that are being left behind today.  We don't focus on the sad stories - everyone you see on the site will get the help they need.

Our teamworks directly with those on the front lines to bring common sense solutions to large issues. From helping children in the battle with cancer to providing meals to hungry children, to education and bullying to develop tomorrow's leaders DMP is focused on one thing:  Bringing people, communities and humanity together, in cool new ways, to make a larger impact and shape the future together.

By joining as a member, DMP becomes stronger, and the future gets a shade brighter for youth all over. 

When you join us, it's our goal and mission to make you proud to say "I'm doing my part...". When you do your part, we always promise to do ours.