Four-year-old Bella had been at Levine Children’s Hospital for more than 90 days when her mother Karen reached out to DMP for help. Bella’s mom, who has been at Bella’s side in the hospital, has been unable to work since November.

Bella was told she had a rare form of Brain Cancer called Medulloblastoma or Central Nervous System Embryonal Tumor of the Brain.

She has been receiving Chemotherapy and multiple stem cell transplants over the past several months.
Her husband has been caring for the rest of the family, including their ten-year-old
son. It has been weeks since Mom has been able to leave the hospital and see her son. Mom
said the biggest need has been finding money to be able to buy groceries and household items
like toilet paper.
Through the support of our donors, DMP was able to provide funding to meet the essential
needs of this local family. We visited the hospital and gifted Bella and her family with a $600

Costco gift card to cover three weeks of grocery expenses. We believe that if everyone works
together, we can positively impact more children like Bella. Join our group of donors who do
their part by giving small monthly donations to help us fund the needs of families with children in
our local community.