Tiffany and Victoria came on hard times after Victoria got COVID.

They have been living in a hotel, and need a few extra dollars to stay there, or they are not sure where to go.  DMP wants to make sure they stay in the hotel while looking for their new apartment.  Also we provided Victoria $200 gift card for school clothes as this was needed.


My name is Tiffany and I have an 8 year old daughter we live in a hotel since July 1, 2020. She does virtual learning and has had covid. I am drawing unemployment however my account has been locked for identity verification. I have used up my savings and I need to pay my weekly rent by Sunday. Tiffany – Thank you for sending.

 Interview Questions:

1 – do you have plans to rent elsewhere than the hotel?

Yes, I am working with a social worker who is processing my application for housing within the next few weeks.

2 – is there employment coming in the near future? Definitely!! Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are starting back in person learning to 4 days a week now so I am currently looking for a job within those days and hours.

3 – is there a food shortage? No I am so extremely grateful to receive food stamps. They help out immensely.

4 – is there a significant other or anyone else living where you are? No. It’s just my daughter and myself.

5 – can you provide any additional information on the hardship?

When the Pandemic started the people we were staying with asked us to move out. We moved into the hotel and in December my Daughter caught covid. We have been making it with my unemployment and food stamps. My unemployment has been on hold for several weeks for identity verification. I have successfully verified my identity and now I’m waiting on them to unlock my account. Also with the schools opening back up I am more than ready to get back into the work force.

6 – are there basic necessities that the child may need? Yes she really needs some new school clothes. She has grown tremendously in the last year.