Jillian Coffey’s home was effected by a rain storm, as 3 trees that fell in her yard, one on her roof and the other 2 across her driveway. Her property was damaged: roof and pergola.  The unforeseen expense has caused a hardship on her part, she is a hard working single mom of 2 children.

Due to the storm, there are two dead trees, one dead tree trunk on her property and the other closer to her neighbors home (but should it fall, it would lean towards her home). Jillian has reached out to us for help to assist with funding the tree removal. There were two quotes done to remove both trees. One of the quotes was done by Sandra’s friend, for $950. The other was done by Tim Young Tree Service, quoted for $811.25. Please see attached quote from Tim Young. I reached out to the certified arborist, Jeff, and he confirmed that at this point, both trees are a hazard. Both trees are at an advanced state of decline, which poses a risk on anyone near the tree and a risk to her property. On the notes portion, since there is a risk of flying wood should the trees be removed. Tim Young Tree Service is not responsible for any damage from “flying wood”. The trees are very brittle, and there is potential for flying wood to occur. After further explaining Jillian’s hardship and our DMP mission, Jeff agreed to lower the quote to $750. I’m still awaiting a revised work order quote to reflect this by e-mail.