I’ve been staying in a hotel for about six months!! Just move in my place on October 11,2019!! I was able to pay the deposit myself!! Just Received a letter from the landlord saying I needed to pay The prorated amount for October and November‘s rent.. All the money I had saved from my job went on the room, deposit, moving my stuff from Greensboro to here, and other bills.. I have two boys living in the home with me, age 10 & 13!! They’re so happy to be back in a house and out that hotel!! I’ve been working and even trying to pick up another job!! I’m trying my best to get back on track but I got to handle this so we can move forward!! Thanks so much and god bless you all!! Hey guys, we have a new project in. Shanetta is a single mom of 2 boys 10 & 13. They have recently moved from Greensboro to start fresh. Her and the boys have been staying in a motel for the past 6 months and have recently rented a house. She has a job at Longhorn steak house and has worked for the company for the past 3 years, she is currently waiting for more hours she was promised. This family was referred by Mrs. Davis, she works in the school system helping families at risk. We have received projects form her before. Both boys are in the VIP program in their school, so they are given a little extra assistance with transportation and such. I have spoken with the property management company and their rent is due Nov. 12th. Shanetta owes a prorated October rent, Nov rent and a late fee totaling the amount of $1,122.90. Section 8 will start subsidizing her in December. Shanetta just needs the help to get caught back up after paying the deposit, utilities and an extra utility she was not expecting (gas- she was told the house was all electric and had no heat at move in, so she had to pay another $100 set up fee). I did ask the management co. if the landlord would help her with that since that was not told to her at the signing of the lease. Project need: $1,122.90 to Alpine property management $100 grocery card for her & the two boys Deadline for payment is Nov.12