This fall, families in Charlotte have struggled to adjust to the demands of virtual schooling. DMP stepped in and helped Lakita, a single mom, and her children. DMP showed up to their apartment and brought her 11 year old son $40 worth of school supplies and a desk to use during virtual classes.

Thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to help this pre-teen start the school year right. 


Mom: Lakita Sweat

Children: 1 year old daughter and 11 year old son

Lakita’s baby got RSV and was in the hospital for 1.5 months. The baby has some sort of lung problems (her son also has asthma). Then when COVD-19 hit, childcare through the daycare became unavailable. It has been hard for mom to get hours at work to pay the bills because of the childcare issue. She has some family in the area who help with the children when they can, but the family members are also working.


Lakita fell about 2-3 months behind on rent as a result. She has managed to pay some of this down and is hopeful that the daycare will open again soon. The outstanding amount due is $1,050. She also has a $200 electric bill coming due. When asked about other needs for the children, she listed clothing and school supplies. Specifically, she wants to get her 11 year old son a desk to do his virtual schooling from (he sits at the table currently). 



Rent – $1,050

Electric – $200

Clothing for the kids 

Desk for 11 yr old

Other school supplies


Lakita said the daycare she has used closed about 2.5 months ago because two of the children served tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, Lakita has been in regular contact with the daycare provider (it sounds like a small operation). The daycare provider is currently finishing COVID-19 training in order to receive the greenlight from the state to reopen. Lakita thinks she will be finished with the training by next Friday. 


It did not appear that Lakita had put much work into finding a different daycare option, but what I understood from our conversation was that she must not be paying much/anything for the daycare service she is currently with, and she didn’t think she could afford care from somewhere else. I provided her with some resources including a free hotline that assists parents with locating childcare options in the Charlotte area.