Antavious is a mom of two girls, Za’Caria (6th grade) and Za’Narriana (5th grade).  She is on disability due to an injury sustained years ago from her abusive former partner. 

She lives on a fixed income of $700/mo and her rent is $500, which leaves the remaining $200 to cover the remaining expenses such as power bill and water bill. 

Antavious has been struggling to pay her utility bills and she is need of assistance until she can get the surgery required to fix her right leg.  She desperately wants to work but physically unable to do so until she gets better.

Antavious needs assistance in space heaters and her December bills.  She has been unable to pay her gas bill for heat and it is currently turned off.  She does not have heat for herself and her two daughters.  Her family is need of three space heaters, one for each living space.  She has a small kitchen/den and two bedrooms.  The space heaters averages to $50-60, Katie had sent the link below on a suggested space heater.

As for the December bills, Katie notified me that her bills average to $350/month, this excludes the gas bill  She increased the power bill amount from last month due to the addition of potential space heaters.  She has not had gas since a previous move about a year ago.  Antavious told Katie that the December bills have not arrived but they will be limited to a Duke Power bill and a water bill from the City of Charlotte.  As mentioned prior, her gas bill has been turned off because she has been unable to pay for it.  Should this gets approved, Katie will provide the bills as they arrive.

Lastly, I asked Katie if we can get Christmas gifts for the children.  Families Forward Charlotte is providing Christmas gifts for the girls, but she did ask if we can provide warm clothing (sweatshirts/sweatpants) for down time at their apartment.  There are donated school uniforms and winter clothes at their school, but the girls have limited “extra” warm clothing.

Lastly, Katie noted that Antavious’s family has been struggling and endured hardship for some time and they have been very appreciative for any help and support.


Three space heaters needed (averages to $50-60)

Warm sweaters and sweatpants for two girls –  estimate $75

Average utility bills around $350

Please let me know if you have any questions