Brianna and her 2 kids have been in a hotel for 4 years… and now are about to move into their apartment so they can escape homelessness for good.

the_need: I need help with my first month rent I got approved for a apartment and my move in date was on 4/1/21 but I didn’t have all the funds so now it’s be approved for 4/20/21 just need help with the deposit I can try and pay the remaining balance of $725 for the deposit. Trying to get my babies out this hotel we been in
I’m employed just part time but the hour will go back to normal middle of this month.   I will need help with beds if possible and diapers size 3
Also they will be sending my lease via email before 5 & I can forward that to u as well , I can pay the $725 but my remaining balance after that will be 1850 , whatever y’all can help with & I’ll try & come up with more money by the 20th because that’s the day I’ll have to move , I been in a hotel for 4 years hope y’all can help thanks
Name of the reality company is T.r lawning 7044142055 .