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On May 20th, Doing My Part held SHOOT!, a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. This was the product of DMP’s commitment to not only help Jorgy, but empower the surrounding community. Hundreds rallied around Jorgy and came together at Bradshaw’s Social House to create an amazing event that went above and beyond what was planned.

If you haven’t already:

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SHOOT! was immensely successful, raising $10,828.10 for DMP. This total greatly exceeded the fundraising goal, giving DMP the resources to grow its cause and help more kids in the community.

Check out this awesome highlight video:

Doing My Part, Jorgy, and his family will gather at his house on July 15th and 16th to build the ramp with our new partner, Elevation Church. Tonia Lyon and Jamie Waldron helped set up this amazing opportunity for Doing My Part and Elevation Church. The ramp build will be a part of Elevation’s Love Week 2016! The organization invites all those who participated or see the success of the SHOOT! to become members of DMP and become part of a charitable community with immediate results. You can sign up at to do your part and help build Jorgy a ramp! 

Christa and mike love week

[Pictured: Christa Corsi and Mike Spencer getting ready for Love Week 2016]

Keep your eyes posted for a very excited DMP campaign announcement coming next week!

Become a DMP member today: Doing My Part

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