Have You Heard About Corporate Matching?

The What:

What is corporate matching? Corporate matching is a way for the company or business you work for to invest in the world through their employees. Many businesses will match on a 1:1 basis (sometimes even larger) the donations that their employees make. It’s a way for companies to do good by asking their employees to do good, and vice-versa.  


The Why:

Why should you take advantage of corporate matching? Because it means that all the good you are doing through Doing My Part is instantly doubled. This allows us to help more people in need, to grow our mission and vision, and to further change the city of Charlotte. Not to mention that it doesn’t cost you a dime, and allows your employer to donate to an important cause. I think the question quickly becomes why not?


The How:

How do you participate in corporate matching? It’s simple and should take no longer than ten minutes. Simply add, look up, and apply.


Step 1: Add

Most companies will only match donations that their employees have already made. They also often have a minimum (and maximum) donation amount they will cover, as well as a statue of limitations on how long the donation could have been made in order to be matched (normally donations made in the past year will be covered). Once you’ve been giving to Doing My Part for a few months, all you have to do is add up what you have given.

For example, say you’ve been a member for six months, and you give $12 a month:

  • $12 x 6 months = $72 in giving. If your company matches this amount, that turns your donation into over $140!


Step 2: Look up

Now that you know how much you have given, all you have to do is look up your company’s corporate matching policy on a matching database website. You can do that here:

Matchfinder by Blackbaud

For example, say you work at Bank of America:

  • Simply search for Bank of America


  • And get instructions on where to submit your matching information.


Step 3: Apply

Now that you know how much your donation is worth, and where to go to have it matched, simply click the blue “Go To…” button to submit your matching, and send in the short application. Your company should take care of the rest, and you’ll get confirmation when your submission has been approved.

We’re here to help. If you have any issues with finding the application, filling it out, or determining how much you have raised, please contact us at [email protected], we’d love to help you through the process.