Maddyn’s Heart – Update!

Six year old Maddyn was just a young girl who loved Taylor Swift and anything pink. Her life was normal, until a virus attacked her heart and she suffered a stroke. Her life and her family’s was turned upside down. Maddyn is a triplet and parents Brent and Barbara needed meals prepared while their attention and focus was towards the hospital and Maddyn’s health.

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Maddyn has undergone surgery and since has been working on rehabilitation in Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has not had any relapses or complications since surgery. Since you did your part for $474, Maddyn’s project was funded and DMP brought over meals for the family so they could put their energy into helping their little girl get better. Mike Spencer and Christa Corsi organized meals with a chef from Charlotte for Maddyn’s family.

Watch Maddyn’s parents talk about their story and how DMP helped them along the way:

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