Jorgy’s Ramp Finished! | Doing My Part

It has been a long time coming and quite the journey for Doing My Part, we are so humbled and thrilled to announce that Jorgy’s ramp is complete!

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It all started back when we heard about Jorgy, a young boy with cerebral palsy, who had difficulty getting in and out of his house with ease. We knew we needed to help. We curated Jorgy’s story, got the votes, and were ready to build him a ramp. Upon arrival, we realized we needed much more material than the original costs due to a deep slope near his house. But we couldn’t give up on Jorgy, that’s not in our vocabulary.

So, we decided to launch our first Rock Paper Scissors tournament called SHOOT! which was a huge success and covered all costs for Jorgy’s ramp.

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Fast forward just a few weeks and we made a partnership with Elevation Church for Love Week 2016! On July 15th and 16th, we were dedicating any hands to Jorgy’s ramp. And we did it!

In addition to finishing the ramp, we landscaped the property, cleaned out their shed which had been flooded, cleaned up and created a playground area for Jorgy, and installed a drainage system!

DMP is truly humbled by this wonderful experience. As we finish this amazing work for this beautiful family and this boy with a heart of gold, we thank all DMP members and event volunteers for doing your part.

There is so much more to come for Jorgy. We were just happy to be a small part in his wonderful journey. More to come for Doing My Part!

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