Jorgy’s Ramp Finished! | Doing My Part

  • by Naomi Fraher

It has been a long time coming and quite the journey for Doing My Part, we are so humbled and thrilled to announce that Jorgy’s ramp is complete! Read up on Jorgy’s story here It all started back when we heard about Jorgy, a young boy with cerebral palsy, who had difficulty getting in and

SHOOT! Update and Highlights|Doing My Part

  • by Naomi Fraher

On May 20th, Doing My Part held SHOOT!, a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. This was the product of DMP’s commitment to not only help Jorgy, but empower the surrounding community. Hundreds rallied around Jorgy and came together at Bradshaw’s Social House to create an amazing event that went above and beyond what was planned. If you haven’t

New Partnership for DMP!

  • by Naomi Fraher

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC! Yesterday, Mike Spencer, Christa Corsi, and Chris Corsi made their way over to the hospital. They talked with social workers, Kristine Pelletier-Garcia and Jennifer Lasker, on a way we can get involved and do our part. Not featured in the

Maddyn’s Heart – Update!

  • by Naomi Fraher

Six year old Maddyn was just a young girl who loved Taylor Swift and anything pink. Her life was normal, until a virus attacked her heart and she suffered a stroke. Her life and her family’s was turned upside down. Maddyn is a triplet and parents Brent and Barbara needed meals prepared while their attention

SHOOT! Tournament a Huge Success | Jorgy’s Ramp Material Cost COVERED

  • by Naomi Fraher

For any of you who missed out, our Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, SHOOT!, was Friday, May 20th. It was a fundraising opportunity to build a ramp for a young boy, Jorgy, with Cerebral Palsy.   Read up on Jorgy’s project here! Originally, Jorgy’s ramp was only supposed to cost $450, however upon arriving at Jorgy’s

Team building and Skylar’s Walk Aid

  • by Mike Spencer

We’re now at a point where the website is up and live…and we’re building our online foundation to manage traffic and new members.  We’re a small operation.  So anything we can streamline, we do. As new members come in ranging from $3 to $100 per month our obligation grows.  Our obligation to fulfill the duty