Member of the Month | Keena Gehringer

  • by Mike Spencer

We wanted to wish a warm happy birthday and also announce our member of the Month: KEENA GEHRINGER! Keena is a DMP Project manager, member, donor, event coordinator, and helps spread the word of DMP to many friends who have also joined the movement. Keena is a one of a kind person, hard worker, mom

#Hashtag Lunch Bags

  • by Mike Spencer

DMP Partnered with #hashtaglunchbags and gave out lunch bags to the homeless and children in Charlotte. 17 new members joined DMP during this event. Check out the video with DMP’s own Keena Gehringer

Have You Heard About Corporate Matching?

  • by Chris Corsi

The What: What is corporate matching? Corporate matching is a way for the company or business you work for to invest in the world through their employees. Many businesses will match on a 1:1 basis (sometimes even larger) the donations that their employees make. It’s a way for companies to do good by asking their

Jorgy’s Ramp Update

  • by Naomi Fraher

When Doing My Part first heard of Jorgy’s story, we were eager to help in any way possible. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and in need of a ramp into his home so his parents did not have to keep carrying him up the stairs and into it. The original plans for the ramp

Doing My Part Soft Release | Week 1

  • by Mike Spencer

We made it.  The soft release is LIVE and I feel great about it.  It’s taken a long time to get to this point and we’re finally here. So our first move is to release to our inner circle.  Everyone who we know, friends and family, inform them of and direct them to the website.

Team building and Skylar’s Walk Aid

  • by Mike Spencer

We’re now at a point where the website is up and live…and we’re building our online foundation to manage traffic and new members.  We’re a small operation.  So anything we can streamline, we do. As new members come in ranging from $3 to $100 per month our obligation grows.  Our obligation to fulfill the duty

Doing My Part holds first monthly meeting | The Inner Circle

  • by Mike Spencer

Doing My Part started the Inner Circle monthly meetings this week to gather team members, local partners and contributors.  The key ingredients and what allows everything Doing My Part does. We offered lunch to our closest team members, partners and contributors that got us to this point, showed our progress and updates and gave a glimpse of